Facilitating Online – WikiEducator

Facilitating Online – WikiEducator.

If there has been one course in the last few years that has taken me to unimaginable learnings, it is this one. There are many gems and gems of people to experience with and learn from, definitely you will get out as much as you put in, and we all want different things.

For me it has paved my way into my own business and sent me on an e-portfolio path to boot.

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About taichi2go

I practice Cheng Ming Tai Chi Chuan, I am a formal student to Sensei Tim Baxter of Positive Defense. I have been training for 6 years and begun to help my body and mind deal with Fibromyalgia, work stress and being a Type A personality
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4 Responses to Facilitating Online – WikiEducator

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  2. Clarissa says:

    Sounds like you’ve had a blast in previous course. I’m starting Monday.
    Be interested in one tip, a practical tid-bit you’ve found useful since the course!
    I’m an occupational therapist and know better than to be hunched in my bean bag with laptop. . .oh the ergonomic sins! TaiChi sounds much back-better!

    • taichi2go says:

      Well, I can think of a few, however what comes to the top of my mind is not panicking about the number of applications you are introduced to. It seems like a tsunami at the time, but it settles down. In point of fact I am on the course to start on Monday to review my learnings and keep fresh.

      • Chris Woodhouse says:

        Hi Jane. Echo your advice about not panicking about the barrage of possible applications and websites. I’d also extend it by saying don’t be afraid to try some of them. You can’t break the Internet! See you Thursday?

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